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Japan Tourism Topics

1.Discover a New Exciting Winter Hobby by Cycling the Slopes of Togari Onsen Snow Resort, Nagano

2023_Kita_Shinshu_Togari_Onsen_Snow_Resort_1.jpgBordering Nagano and Niigata Prefectures, Togari Onsen Snow Resort offers dynamic slopes where visitors can enjoy a variety of seasonal activities. Togari's snow-biking park allows visitors to ride fat bikes on the ski trails, providing a unique experience distinct from skiing or snowboarding. These "fat bikes" come with thick tires that can handle the snowy terrain. Open to anyone who can ride a bike, this adventure promises novelty and thrill in a pristine winter environment. After a day of biking, visitors can unwind in the relaxing hot springs, Akatsuki-no-Yu, just a one-minute walk from the Pegasus Slope. The slightly alkaline natural spring water in the indoor and open-air baths is said to be great for skin.
Bicycle Snow Ride

2. Experience the Luxury at The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya, Aichi, February 20

2023_The_Royal_Park_Hotel_Iconic_Nagoya_01.jpgSet to open its doors on February 20th, 2024, in Nagoya's bustling district of Sakae, 'The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya' anticipates a grand debut ahead of the reopening of the 'Chunichi Building'. With 246 rooms, this establishment aims to become a gateway to Chubu, introducing guests to the essence of the region with local crafts and designs, like tea utensils and traditionally plastered walls, that accentuate the charm of Chubu and its dramatic history formed by the three great masters of the Warring States period who were born in this area. Linked directly to the Nagoya Municipal Subway's Sakae Station, the hotel ensures seamless access from the underground shopping arcades of Sakae. Additionally, the "Ryurei Tea Room" invites guests to experience the amazing hospitality of a tea ceremony in a traditional space created by the gifted local craftsman from Gifu and be immersed in Chubu culture.
The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya

3. Mindfulness and Unique Cultural Experiences at Ichibata Yakushi, Shimane

2023_Ichibata_Yakushi_01.jpgA short trip from Osaka and atop a climb of 1,300 stone steps is, Ichibata Yakushi Temple. With over 1,000 years of history, they offer experiences such as Zazen meditation, Shakyo (sutra copying), and other Buddhist practices at a serene location that overlooks a mountainous landscape. A private Western-style cottage is available on its grounds for a memorable stay amongst nature. Indulge in an exclusive sauna experience, relish in the delicious and healthy Yakuzen (Japanese herbal medicinal cooking based on Chinese traditional medicine) breakfast, and marvel at the breathtaking night sky. Have an ethereal evening under the stars and watch the spectacular sunset views over Lake Shinji. Ichibata Yakushi highlights the serene beauty and harmony with the nature where you can refresh your body and mind in the great outdoors of Shimane Prefecture.
Ichibata Yakushi

4. An Early Glimpse of Spring Colors at the Plum Festival at Hirota Bairin Fureai Park, Hyogo

2023_Hirota_Bairin_Fureai_Park_01.jpgIn the northern area of Minamiawaji City lies the enchanting Hirota Bairin Fureai Park, home to around 300 plum trees of thirteen varieties, including weeping plum trees. Ahead of Japan's famous cherry blossoms, the vibrant plum blossoms reach their peak from mid-February to early March, heralding the arrival of spring in Japan. As the landscape blushes with delicate shades of pink and white, a sweet aroma fills the air, drawing in crowds to enjoy the Plum Festival held in the peak bloom period. The Hirota district has a long history of being a gorgeous plum blossom viewing spot, restored by passionate locals after the plum trees were tragically cut down due to food shortage during World War II. Complimented by the adjacent Omiya Temple, a revered site within the Awaji 88 Temple Pilgrimage, and the cherry blossoms continue to be a cherished area to enjoy the season's spectacular scenery.
Hirota Bairin Fureai Park

5. Marvel at the Majesty of Japan's Royalty in The Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan, Tokyo

2023_Sannomaru_Shozokan_01.jpgThe Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan, located within the Imperial Palace East Gardens, has reopened after a period of renovation, and houses a wide variety of art including paintings, calligraphy, and various other artifacts that were passed down in the Imperial Family. Mostly known for its collection of Asian works, especially from Japan, Sannomaru Shozokan also features pieces from other countries from various periods. Until June 23rd, the museum is holding a special exhibition, "The Aesthetics of the Imperial Court: Beauty Passed Down through the Ages" which presents a rich variety of artworks and objects on rotation, including items used by the modern Emperors and Empresses as well as classical masterpieces such as the folding screen Chinese Lions and Scenes from The Tale of Genji, and more. Discover the history and beauty of Japanese art through this limited event commemorating the opening of the Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan. The advance online booking is required to enter the exhibit.
The Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan

・ Item 1, 3 is based on information from JNTO Partners.
・ The above details are correct as of the time of publication, and are subject to change.

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