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Download Rules

Terms of Use & Disclaimer

Downloading Video and Image Data

This website is aimed to those media, travel trade and public sectors who understand the purpose of Japan National Tourism Organization ("JNTO"), and who agree to raise awareness and promote Japan as a must-visit tourism destination.

If you wish to download video and image data, please consent to the download rules below (the "Rules") and register as a member.

Personal information collected through member registration shall be appropriately handled under the "Personal Information Protection Policy" and the "Personal Information Handling Policy in the Japan Online Media Center" prescribed by JNTO, and registered users (the "Users") shall agree that personal information is handled under these policies.

Download Rules (Membership Rules)

1:Methods and purposes for using data

The Users may use data material such as video and image distributed on this website (the "Data Material") to the extent that they do not violate the Rules. In the Rules, the word "use" shall mean alteration and compilation within the scope prescribed below, broadcast and publication (including streaming and downloading) in media, as well as reproduction and distribution in the form of DVDs or other electronic media, pamphlets and other tangible media.

  1. Making resolutions appropriate to use;
  2. Not providing reproduced data to a third party (in the case of network distribution, it is limited to streaming, and the Date Material should be processed to prevent downloading);
  3. Performing simple composition alterations such as trimming, inversion, size changes or adding text; and
  4. Segmenting video and the like within the extent necessary to use.

Downloading and using the Data Material is permitted only in order to expand the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan by publicizing the beauty of Japan which promotes demand for travel to Japan (the "Purpose of Use"). However, use deemed inappropriate by JNTO and in conflict with the prohibitions prescribed in paragraph 6 of the Rules are not authorized.

2:The Users of the Data Material

Media, travel trade and public sectors who understand the purpose of JNTO, which provides the Data Material, and who agree to cooperate in publicizing Japan's appeal.

3:Types of Data Material

The Data Material below is available on this website.

Video: HD size (1920 × 1080 pixels)
Images: 4000 × 2670 pixels/2000 × 1335 pixels/640 × 427 pixels

4:Usable period for the Data Material

Until March 31, 2021

After the usable period has expired, any use of the Data Material, including distributing pamphlets and DVDs that have already been made, is prohibited.


The copyright in each Data Material belongs to JNTO. Necessary permissions related to portrait rights have been obtained to use the Data Material on this website.

The Data Material on this website includes works (writing, music, paintings, drawings, photographs, programs, compilations, databases as works and their derivative works) protected by the copyright laws and conventions of the relevant countries. Converting, reproducing, sending, broadcasting, distributing, lending, translating or altering these works in a manner that is not authorized under the Rules without the permission of JNTO and/or other right holders, infringes copyrights, and civil or criminal responsibility may be incurred.


Unless JNTO individually gives consent in writing to the Users, the following acts are prohibited. If a User violates this paragraph, JNTO may suspend use of the Data Material by such User and request that the Data Material be collected and destroyed at his/her own expense. If any violation of the Rules directly or indirectly defames or damages JNTO, JNTO may claim damages from such user.

  1. Giving false information when registering as a member on this website and acquiring the Data Material;
  2. Providing the Data Material to a third party who has not registered as a member of this website or given consent to the Rules;
  3. Using the Data Material for purposes other than the Purpose of Use;
  4. Using the Data Material beyond the usable period specified in paragraph 4 of these Rules;
  5. Using the Data Material beyond the scope prescribed in paragraph 1 of the Rules, such as composition of the Data Material with other video or images, CG synthesizing the Data Material, or compiling, processing, presenting or introducing the Data Material in a way in which an original photographed object is not recognized or recognized as a different thing;
  6. Distributing the original or processed Data Material in a form that can be independently traded (regardless of whether such distribution is by way of sale, lease, or distribution or lease at no charge); and
    Example) Distributing an image video to sell and collected digital data, distributing DVDs and pamphlets to advertise or promote sales of the User's own commodities, services or the like, distributing the Data Material as material for a third party on the internet, or other similar acts
  7. Acts which create unfairness or misunderstanding, acts damaging the reputation, credit or dignity of JNTO, objects depicted in the Data Material or other related third parties, or acts in violation of Japanese law and other applicable laws or public policy, by using the Data Material on this website.
    If you cannot determine whether an act falls within any of the prohibitions above, please contact us as indicated in paragraph 8.


The Data Material shall be used at the Users' own responsibility. Although JNTO does its best to ensure the accuracy of information provided on this website, the information may include unavoidable inaccuracies or misprints due to the technology. When using the published contents, it is recommended that the contents be verified by other means in advance. In addition, JNTO may discontinue or suspend the provision of the Data Material on this website without advance notice, at any time. Neither JNTO nor copyright holders of the Data Material shall be liable for any direct or indirect damage incurred by the Users due to the discontinuance or suspension, or other use of this website as well as any disputes arising between a User and a third party.

8:Contact information

Please click the link below for inquiries concerning use of the Data Material on this website, in English or Japanese.
Link to the inquiry form

9:Indication of credit

When using the Data Material on this website, please check the "copyright information" on the download page of each Data Material, and be sure to insert the designated credit if there is an indication.
Example) © JNTO, © XXXXX/© JNTO

10:Amendment of the Rules

JNTO shall be free to amend the Rules without advance notice to the Users. When amending the Rules, JNTO will give the Users notice of such an amendment or issue a public notice of the amendment on this website.

11:Governing law and jurisdiction

This Rules shall be governed by the Japanese law without reference to principles of conflict of laws, and any disputes arising from or in relation to the Rules shall be settled in the Tokyo District Court, which shall be agreed as the exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.


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