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January 27, 2020
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This newsletter series was created by the Japan Online Media Center(JOMC) to help you stay up to date and informed about all the latest news and events happening within Japan's tourism scene.

Hello and happy new year from everyone here at the Japan National Tourism Organization! We are excited for what's in store. In preparation for a big year here in Japan, we are launching this newsletter to celebrate the arrival of 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics. What better way to begin than with an Olympic-themed edition?

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Your Japan 2020:
Special Deals Now Available

As part of JNTO’s plan to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan to 40 million this year, and to capitalize on the boost in visitor numbers spurred in part by the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics, JNTO has launched one of its most ambitious tourism campaigns yet, ‘Your Japan 2020.’

The ‘Your Japan 2020’ project makes traveling Japan more accessible, affordable and exciting for inbound tourists. The campaign includes cheap or up to 100,000 seats free tickets for domestic flight within Japan, new and exclusive shopping experiences with cash-back services and gift campaigns, and new cultural experiences, as well as popular characters (like Pokemon) redesigned for the new era.

Your Japan 2020 Exclusive travel deals and offers
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Hot Assets

If you have never visited the JOMC site, we invite you to check out this valuable source of Japan-related information, beautiful photos, and great article ideas. Content is regularly updated and covers all facets of Japanese life, culture, and tourism. The digital assets stored on the website can be downloaded and used for your own purposes.

Learn About the Genius Behind Tokyo New National Stadium, Kengo Kuma

The iconic heart of the 2020 Olympics, the National Stadium of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was officially opened on November 30th, 2019. The stadium was designed by Taisei Cooperation and Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd. in partnership with Kengo Kuma.

One of Japan’s leading architects, Kuma has designed some of the most stunning and iconic structures in Tokyo and beyond, including the Asakusa Tourist Information Centre.

Read more about his work in the Olympic-themed article on the JOMC, including the history and inspiration behind Stone Plaza in Tochigi Prefecture and Ginzan Hot Spring Fujiya Inn in Yamagata. Discover just what makes Kuma an 'Olympic-level' architect.

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User Comments

Some of the content available on the JOMC page was used to create the official Rugby World Cup video featuring legendary film directors Jerry Bruckheimer and Ang Lee. We asked them about their experience of using content from the JOMC assets service.

World Rugby

Interviewee(United Kingdom)

World Rugby

Q: Can you tell us about what assets you utilized?
A: We used an aerial of Tokyo city, you can see it from around 0:28.
It was used as a dramatic establishing shot for the video.
Q: Why did you decide to use the assets offered on JOMC?
A: On the site, there are a lot of excellent aerial shots taken by a drone, and they were perfect for the dynamic scenes we wanted to create. As well as aerials shots from urban areas, JOMC has a fantastic collection of nature images. Scrolling through them showed us another side of Japan that we don’t know.
Q: How were the reactions to the content you created?
A: We saw plenty of likes and shares and many comments saying things like ‘epic’ and ‘hilarious,’ so we’re happy that people enjoyed it!

Check the movie!

Jerry Bruckheimer and Ang Lee watch rugby
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