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Brand Guidelines

JNTO logos and brand guidelines for your marketing materials.

Our Brand Tools

Japan Endless Discovery Logo

Introduction of a logo to overseas markets concerning inbound tourism in Japan.


The catchphrase and logo "Japan. Endless Discovery." that has been in use since April 2010 when promoting visits to Japan in overseas markets etc. has the meaning of "Japan, a country where you can find endless excitements", and it embodies our hope to welcome foreign visitors to Japan again and again so that every time they pay a visit, they come to know more about the incredibly diverse tourism resources in Japan, such as its abundant nature represented by cherry blossoms, or its history, traditional and modern culture, foods, and ways of life of local people.

Logo Mark and Design Manual

JNTO Logo and Tagline

JNTO_Japan National Tourism Organization_下_2行.jpg

JNTO is pleased to unveil our new organization logo and Tagline. The red arc below the logo symbolizes the welcome of sunrise. The rising sun represents the development of inbound tourism as well as our thoughts on the development and goals of our organization. The arc also symbolizes a bridge that connects Japan to the world and the world to Japan. The tagline translates to "to portray that Japan's strength lies in its many charms".


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